Member companies of an electrical industry partnership or union expect to receive help from their respective partners when their client pipeline dries up. Members of these organizations intend to create a steady flow of customers by developing public awareness of their trade and services.

However, in some cases, some members of these partnerships or unions could underperform. These members are likely unable to grow a network of referrals from the forwarded “seed” clients.

To assess when and when not to forward clients, here are five things to remember.

Nothing Is Free

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If you are prospecting to begin a partnership or create a union of similar electrical repair businesses, all members must understand that the partnership agreement or union focuses on mutual profit. Partners who receive “seed” clients must grow their network and then forward a specified number of clients to other businesses on a set time.

You must stress that the partnership or union’s membership is not free and each member company has a role to play in cultivating potential client networks.

Keep Some For Yourself

If you are a member of an organization focused on mutual profit, you must prioritize keeping seeds for your business network’s growth; your business is your priority. By setting up boundaries and expectations, your trade union ensures fairness, which helps the local industry and your own electrical repair business grow.

The boundaries also identify underperforming companies that the trade union needs to re-evaluate. In the case of a partnership, you must re-evaluate or send a friendly notice to your partner business regarding their performance.

Only The Best Partners

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When evaluating partners, ensure that your prospect is one you are most comfortable to recommend to your trusted clients. Businesses you refer to trusted clients are an extension of your business’ branding. Remember that a poor decision only takes a few minutes to tarnish your company image.

Observe the work ethics, methods, final service results, and other technical aspects your prospective partner or member companies possess because these characteristics indicate the quality of service your client network would receive from these potential partners.

Raise Awareness Of How You Help

Underperforming companies need a reminder of their role in the partnership or union. Based on your partnership agreement or union membership agreement terms, you must set a meeting to discuss issues directly and in private.

During the discussion, remind your partner or union’s helpfulness to your partner or all members of the union. Addressing the issue of client circulation must come next. Highlight the manner that each of the businesses helps the union by improving client relationship and growing their respective networks.

Make It A Habit To Ask

However, before escalating discussions, it would be best to ask your partner or members of the union regarding their failure to forward the expected client numbers to the organization.

Sometimes, member companies struggling with non-client related matters, such as an investment in new equipment, system issues, and logistics troubles. Sending a correspondence, even a personal one, would help shed light on their underperformance.

However, despite their reasons, their underperformance is enough reason for you not to provide further referrals until they can resolve their internal issues.